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“Yeah, we’re rockin’ the suburbs,
Around the block just one more time,
Yeah, we’re rockin’ the suburbs,
‘Cause I can’t tell which house is mine …”

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  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    You should see how do things here in Mexico, just search pictures of Infonavit or Amontonavit in google…

  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    This is nothing like the Walled City.

  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    GM products are big in China, as are german luxury vehicles; however most people still have and use electric bikes for getting around. The only place that I can think of where they’re not common is Shenzhen (and that’s because they’ve been banned there). Other than that you still see bikes everywhere.

  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    Typical in US? No. But has it happened before? Definitely. This kind of copy pasta can be seen here in the UK. Terraced houses lined up on a straight street uniformerly. We still get them now and again. Simple search of google isn’t that hard. But y’know…ripping on another is more fun than picking out our own flaws looking at some commenters here.

  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    Ironic isn’t it? The yellow niggas pouring into the West just as the White niggas poured into the rest of the world couple hundred years ago while raping, killing, enslaving, stealing while forcing religion and drugs upon a myriad of cultures for greed. Seriously…White powah people and racists are one of the most hypocritical and ignorant fools out there. I’m White myself.

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    because they totally never added milia fallyna and maximilian jenius from sdf macross to macross 7 …

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    ( . ) ( . )

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    ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )

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