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Yeah, it’s the mecca of mass production. It’s very fitting for the modern China. Their rich history is burning in the fires of industrialization.

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  • Yaya Cosplay by Nyako Unbreakably Sweet:
    That was good cosplay. Most importantly she even had more expressions than one.

  • Top 20 Most Pitiable Anime Heroines:
    The hell is Index doing here? Who would pity her? Her backstory is cruel enough, but afterwards she dedicated her life to making Touma’s life as miserable as possible despite the fact he was a total outsider who still risked his life numerous times to save her. Index should be in the Top 10 most ungrateful anime characters list, not here.

  • Non Non Biyori Repeat Real Life Locations Truly Tranquil:
    Japan is undergoing the same phenomenon as lots of Western countries: Countryside empties of young people who move to bigger cities. The result is inevitably the deterioration I was referring to. Same thing happens to an empty house in just a few years, to use smaller scale as an example.

  • Non Non Biyori Repeat Real Life Locations Truly Tranquil:
    As expected, the anime makes the place look really nice when the reality is slow deterioration all around. Although the anime does show it every now and then in specific places, which adds a bit of realism. Not that I’d mind the more pristine image.

  • Top 15 Most Popular Fate/stay night Characters:
    Kirei Kotomine is number 2? That certainly explains how the obnoxious, corrupt old politicians can stay in power in Japan decade after decade. Kirei is like a child compared to those men. I’m happy Rin is up there, as expected, as well as super bro Lancer. Archer winning was obvious.


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