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Yeah, it’s the mecca of mass production. It’s very fitting for the modern China. Their rich history is burning in the fires of industrialization.

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  • Top 20 Most Heartfelt Romance Anime:
    There’s a bunch of titles on the list I readily find appropriate, but SAO being #4 is certainly funny in a bad way. I guess there’s no beating a show with immense popularity, whether it’s relevant or not.

  • Maid Day 2016 Serves Up A Treat:
    Only females can be maids. Males would be butlers, manservants, and such.

  • Fate/Grand Order Invades Shinjuku Station:
    Hard to say. Japan does have the weird otaku who buy a thousand copies of the same CD. Never heard of the West having any of those guys.

  • Nissan Parking Chairs “For The Extremely Lazy!”:
    What I’d like to read about is a case where a hacker took control of a building full of these chairs. There would be many a “Kyaa!” to be heard when the chairs mercilessly chase down hapless OLs.

  • Horny Lilith Cosplay by Tomia Severely Seductive:
    Seems to me the background wall is a stage set piece. The rest is possibly borrowed from totally elsewhere, unless it’s from a 3D modeller’s hand. Although you can only see the cathedral like more distant background in one pic. I don’t think the authenticity is of particular interest in Tomia’s shots, and I don’t mind at all. They are so beautiful pictures.


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