Comment on Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing by Kaarme:

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Yeah, it’s the mecca of mass production. It’s very fitting for the modern China. Their rich history is burning in the fires of industrialization.

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  • Moist Misaka Mikoto Cosplay by Naasan:
    Risk of electric shock. Do not use during bath or shower.

  • Top 10 Anime of Autumn 2014:
    The story was written by somebody on drugs. It makes so amazingly little sense that there’s no other explanation. The characters themselves are only a little more sensible. Very little, as it’s impossible to predict what they might be doing next. It has been surprisingly entertaining, though.

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Total AV Anime:
    If Free allowed KyoAni to free fujoshi some of their free money, then it’s a good thing. It gives KyoAni more financial freedom to again make good shows for the rest of us.

  • Trinity Seven Relentless Romance Anime:
    My sense of humour is so cheap that I really enjoy this show. Harem shows with loser main characters appear thirteen in a dozen, but this kind with a competent man in the middle are more infrequent. The lovable kuudere Arin calling the MC a husband especially strikes home for me. The smart dude naturally has nothing at all against it.

  • Trinity Seven Sucks Hard:
    The kind of old-school fanservice you described doesn’t work anymore. Gender equality now dictates that both males and females must be active, achieving characters. In practice that means girls in anime can’t anymore be mere beautiful damsels in distress that the hero rescues. Just like the guys, they instead need to fight and get all dirty – and naturally lose some clothing items in the process. It has got nothing to do with men wanting to see girls abused.


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