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Champloo is so underrated :(

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  • Inou Battle wa Nichijou: “Suddenly, Drama!”:
    Dumb question… I’m too lazy to watch this. Can anyone tell me if it was even “good” drama? Or was it really forced an unnecessary? A good dramatic scene can really add flavor to an anime, especially when they come unexpectedly.

  • Otaku Still Commemorate Azunyan’s Birthday:
    “tragic conclusion” I lol’d “bass-guitarist” Okay, now you’ve gone too far!!! D:

  • Watamote OAD Rotten as Ever:
    This show just might be able to redeem itself with a second season after ending the first on a negative note in what I feel was one of the most irresponsible endings ever made… considering the audience this anime was aimed at. I really stop rooting for this character about 3/4 of the way through because she just isn’t developing like you’d expect. I guess if you enjoy stagnation and self-induced depression, then maybe you enjoyed the first season…

  • No Lenfried No Life Stephanie Dola Ero-Cosplay:
    Wait… Lenfried actually has genitals?! O_O

  • No Game No Life’s Yuu Kamiya “Blatantly Traced”:
    If you’re gonna do this, at least mirror your image. That’ll throw most people off, haha


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