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Champloo is so underrated :(

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  • Wave Unleashes 4 Saber Lingerie Figures:
    I don’t know what I lose faster… money… or dignity.

  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Agreed! They occasionally have some quirky casual outfits, but in all honesty, they match the character personalities quite well. I really like their school uniforms as well. I think blazers look very nice compared to sailor uniforms. I’m a sucker for classy dressed girls, haha.

  • Tsukimonogatari PV Brings More Ononoki:
    More Ononoki. Yaaaay. Peace peace.

  • Korg Unleashes K-ON! Keytar:
    Muscial instrument manufacturers have been sitting on a goldmine all these years with potential K-On licensed merchandise like this. Gibson and Fender already saw sales increases on the Les Paul and Mustang (if you can still get that red-headstock Japan model) as a result of K-On’s popularity. Smart move from KORG. I guarantee if I was for some reason a keytar player, I would be going nuts over this…

  • Inou Battle wa Nichijou: “Suddenly, Drama!”:
    Dumb question… I’m too lazy to watch this. Can anyone tell me if it was even “good” drama? Or was it really forced an unnecessary? A good dramatic scene can really add flavor to an anime, especially when they come unexpectedly.


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