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Yes, they’re skipping chapters.

People don’t realize it, but Genshiken “2″ is a direct continuation of the “original” Genshiken. Even in manga sites, it’s not tagged as “Genshiken 2″ or even “Chapter 1″, but directly as “Genshiken Chapter xx”

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    Your point “old days” doesn’t even have a leg to stand on. You said you miss the “old days” and then refer to Abyss, that means you’re implying that something changed that made it different than these new ones. But in reality nothing changed. they only added a new business model. In-game alternate costumes still exists, it’s not replaced by DLC costumes.

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    Kinda late realizing that huh? and you skipped many “obscure” ones before WUG. lol

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    This is not an anime… >_>

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