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Have to agree with you there.

The new Manga with the new cast just seem so shallow and uninteresting. You don´t have the drama and problems that the first cast went through.

Now it´s more like a relaxed version with some comedy(?) moments put in.

And the trap irritates me for some reason….

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  • New Genshiken Anime Announced:
    Don´t expect much, this one is not even close to the first season :(

  • New Genshiken Anime Announced:
    No, they are making an Anime of the second “season” of the Manga. except for Ohno and a few glimpse of some of the other characters this is a whole new cast. The only relation this one have to the first “season” of the Manga is the club and Ohno.

  • New Genshiken Anime Announced:
    Ohno was going to a American college before she came back, and because of that she wasn’t able to get enough credit to graduate the same year as the rest of them. so she have still 1 year left before she is finished.

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  • Luscious Kirino Bikini Figure:
    Personally i loved the ending, for once the Mangaka and the studio that made the Anime actually dared to show a taboo like that. And i don´t buy ALL the Kirino figures, but i do buy some of them, and this one is on the wanted list :)

  • Top 20 Anime Tsundere:
    Maybe the people who vote take it after the novel and Manga instead of the Anime? She only stays Tsun in the Anime. In the Novel she mellows out quite a bit after Saito dies.

  • Mikakunin BD Loli Moe Mania:
    Without the “boring guy” this show wouldn’t have existed. He is the main character after all :)

  • Mikakunin BD Loli Moe Mania:
    Same for me, Mashiro herself was more than enough, and now they put in a loli Kobeni. I will need a blood transfusion after this…

  • Top 50 Classic Anime:
    Yeah, together with Gundam it was the Anime that revolutionized the mecha genre… It should have at least been on the list.


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