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  • Top 30 Unknown Anime & Manga You’d Recommend:
    Baccano was good, but not #1 good. Fractale was okay, but it’s no lost gem. Daily Lives is not unknown. Seto no Hanayome didn’t make the list, but I suppose it gets mentioned now and then. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki was never seems to make radar, though. I’m not actually sure why. Did they botch the broadcast or something? Distribution? Didn’t seem like a high level series at all, and it was plenty fun.

  • Top 30 Anime Characters You’d Most Like Lessons From:
    Seriously, where the fuck is GTO, it’s what the series DID.

  • English Clannad Kickstarter Emerges:
    “But I feel like there’s someone missing.”

  • English Clannad Kickstarter Emerges:
    Sunohara is happy to be in the cover image at all T^T

  • Top 10 Most Unlucky Anime Characters:
    This, it’s mentioned in like, the first episode or so. Index suggests that he’s dispelling any fortune (or ‘blessings’, I think some subs might write) that touch him. Hayate also employs a luck drain as a plot device, at least temporarily. The series tends to shenanigan on him anyway, though, pulling shit as it wishes.


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