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  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    Still 1.5 levels from my class change, but wizard seems the obvious spec to choose. The world has been sending that message pretty loudly. Even if you completely ignore the SJWblr fads of the last year or two, pretend they never happened, conditions (incl economical) still scream against wasting more than a reasonable (lol) amount of effort on modern courtship. And even that reasonable amount of effort is like buying a lottery ticket with your weekly six-pack. It’s a formality with no real …

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    >that is mostly what 3rd Wave Feminism is about That might be what your 3rd Wave Feminism is about. Not that the writing on banners has meant anything since the first crusader claimed to be God’s will.

  • Sex Anime Online Quite The “Fantasy” Game:
    Nothing is sacred. See Rule 34. It surprises early Normals, but eventually they learn. It’s you who adapts to the world, not the other way around.

  • Top 10 Most Tightly Bound Anime Siblings:
    (Necropost) List says siblings, may have a blood requisite or something. That said, they probably belonged anyway. Simon spent like, two whole episodes being emo about Kamina.

  • Top 15 Most Negative Anime Characters:
    Shinji’s position suggests the original article may have more of an attitude context, or maybe the mood they bring to scenes. In that vein, I felt Touma’s airtime doesn’t tend to exhibit his ability, he’s usually playing the basic good-hearted male protag, somewhat resembling the template that shounen powerlevels use. I refer to his screentime in the anime series though, dunno about LNs. And even if the list is attitude-based, he belongs anyway.


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