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  • Top 10 Most Traumatizing Video Game Monsters:
    Good devs know any locking of player control for any reason has to be done wisely, even to cutscene. The freeze gets annoying, but it admittedly enhances your first redead meeting. Then yes, the screams. Seeing it wrap yourself around you. It’s passable for an adult, but choice if measured by the proper calibration: “child”. Since that was the intended demographic.

  • BBC: “Anime & Manga Promotes Pedophilia”:
    I hope she left a tip because she got fucking served.

  • Smell-based VR Device In The Works:
    Smells like (lol) a proof of concept that won’t reach a sustainable price tag, if it even bothers getting anywhere NEAR market. A single “monochrome” smell will be boring by the third encounter – like hearing a character use ONE shouted phrase on EVERY attack. A mixed set, for a game that has you in a narrower range of environments and conditions (eg forest zone only) can prepare a more complex brew. This mixture could work as one cart, gently released as ambiance, like a one-track music score, …

  • PornHub Blocked in Philippines: “It’s Used by Pedophiles”:
    The hell? This chart’s for visit duration, not traffic or unique visitors or any number of metrics you could use, with or without country’s per capita, to equate it as a “most”. But visit duration? This might be used, maybe, to claim the Philippines users (which could be few or many) are “slow” or “picky” or something. IIRC pornhub has, of all things, a sort of dedicated *metrics blog*, full of stats you could use to make any claim. Was kind of interesting, as I remember. Anyway, “Because …

  • Top 20 Anime Characters With Social Skills:
    Criteria lost in translation again, I expect. I wonder if Ayasaki Hayate, the butler, was suitable. He’s almost dully well-spoken, almost one-dimensionally honestpureboy.


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