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  • Top 20 Coolest Bearded Anime Guys:
    I’d count mustaches – even the fleeting, thin ones – over a bit of chin fuzz.

  • Sentai Filmworks No Game no Life PV “Find The Fanservice!”:
    I think @0955 meant “seinen”, since sentai is power rangers and such.

  • Sentai Filmworks No Game no Life PV “Find The Fanservice!”:
    “Always” was in poor taste – but exceptions don’t make the rule. And ghiblis have budgets for high tier actors, again an outlier. I frown on weebs who swallow everything JP, but dubs are just inferior.

  • Birthday Cheer For Cloud Strife Plentiful in Supply:
    His birthday is August 19th in the localized manual of the original FFVII. Not contesting it, just pointing out some trivia and frowning on changing random shit between releases.

  • Top 20 Most Beta Anime Guys:
    Looks like the thread ended up quibbling over what exactly a beta is. Slang use is a little different from textbook. Remember that it’s polar to an alpha. Not just “submitting to an alpha”, who might have exemplary leadership, but being /prone/ to submission. Arguably, that definition might even stretch to indifferent personalities. Consider TTGL’s Simon, who was VERY textbook beta in earlier episodes. He was sometimes indecisive and timid, but even if he wasn’t he still had a perfect beta slot …


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