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Why bother including male characters in the game anymore? Just make it about sexy women beating the crap out of each other already. Who honestly plays DOA games to see the male characters anyway?

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  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    Anon 21:54: “…but within the fanbase everyone has fans, and people actually 100 page threads of paragraphs about the stories and the character backgrounds.” Thanks for letting me know I’m talking to a rabid fan. That clears up so much about how you keep missing my point. As most blatantly illustrated by the following, “And you want to talk about DOAX, then Zack is in all of the DOAX games, so does that make him in the same league as the ladies for you now?” To explain it for the slow: He was …

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    @Anon 17:30 I’m going to take this slowly for you. Game companies make spin-off games of popular characters. The more popular the character, the more likely it’ll get placed in a spin-off. UNpopular characters don’t get spin-offs. So, ‘Popular characters = Spin-off games’ and ‘Unpopular characters = forgotten by everyone not a die-hard fan’. This means that the female characters of the DoA franchise are more important than the male ones. To the point that they, and they alone, appear in ALL the …

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    Oh, you’re right! That was unforgivably cynical of me. I must have totally forgotten about the two Extreme Beach Volleyball games that featured the male characters. Oh, wait… /sarcasm The only male character most outsiders even know about is Ryu Hayabusa, and only because of the Ninja Gaiden games.

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  • Soul Eater Not! “Soul Eater K-ON!-ified”:
    No, this is pretty much spot on. The only big difference I see is that the anime doesn’t do that peculiar ‘ring-within-rings’ eyes that the manga does. What few differences there are are minor and well within what can be expected when literally drawn by different people. Seems to me that most complaints are from those people that are going straight from Soul Eater to this, without reading the manga, and expecting it to be the same. There IS a reason it’s called Soul Eater NOT!, after all.

  • Noragami Slime Molestation Anime:
    Here’s a thought. Mayu (the pipe), back when she was called Tomone (the dagger), complained about Yato’s sweaty palms and ultimately left him over his loser status. Now as Mayu, she seems quite satisfied to turn into a pipe. If her complaints about Yato’s palms was justified, what does it say about her being smoked?

  • China “Planned To Claim Kyushu Air Space”:
    It’s ballistic. Do you know what that means? It means it has no way to significantly correct it’s course once launched. It’s fuel is gone, and it’s control surfaces are not large enough to do much more than keep it’s warhead pointed at the ground. It MIGHT be able to make a correction of a dozen meters or so, but that’s about it. Anything more extreme would probably send the warhead tumbling erratically. Simply increasing the carrier’s speed would be enough to avoid it, given the time a long …

  • “Bayonetta Bloody Fate” Movie Announced:
    Well, since the character of Bayonetta is pretty much all my fetishes rolled up into one character, I’ll want this on Blu-ray. Even if it’s a terrible story, I’ll want it as long as she’s the same as in the game.

  • High School DxD Rias Gremory Pole Dancer Figure:
    Hypno-butt! Though it’ll lose a bit without the actual movement.


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