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is this for vita or ps3?

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  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors! toms outlet store

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    Stupid and greedy TECMO, which is no much better, make a doa xtreme beach volleyball 3?………

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    If they removed all the males, are you trying to say that no one would notice or care? If you look at what happens to most other game developers, like Capcom, if they make a change to a long established series that’s as drastic as removing all the males from the DOA series, then you know how the “rabbid fans”, especially the females, will react. That’s enough to prove that the males characters have some importance. Team Ninja would be wiser to give more attention to the male characters, …

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    When I watched the video that showed male characters and fighting I was confused.

  • Dead or Alive 5: “And You Thought It Was About Fighting!”:
    but in the main series, which is what we’re talking about, all of the male characters have been important… if you take them out, you screw with the story (whither you think it’s good or not, taking out the guys would still screw with the story they’ve built) If you take out all of the guys, you take out Ryu Hayabusa, who is more popular than any of the females. You mess with the tournament scene and all of the hardcore fans who main the male characters. Outside of the fanbase, maybe no one …

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  • Tomoyo Kanzaki Ero-Cosplay by Hasegawa Natsuki:
    This one is better than the blue haired chick. Now to all those r#$%@#s who were complained that i said the blue haired girl(few posts back) was ugly: Compare this girl with that blue haired one. This one has a nicer smile, nicer mouth lines, feminine hands, yes her cheek bones are a bit big, but compared with the blue hair girl this one wins hands down.

  • Tomoyo Kanzaki Ero-Cosplay by Hasegawa Natsuki:
    and you are a tard

  • Izayoi Sakuya Ero-Cosplay by Runa Hanekawa Too Sexy:
    So she’s cosplaying the dream body that Sakuya wants? Because Sakuya doesn’t have that kind of chest… But it does look nice.

  • Tanaka As*ka Onahole Parody – “Join An*s!”:
    Don’t really care for the onahole itself, but this image of Asuka is quite nice looking. Would be best without the censoring and just the art by itself.

  • Overlord: “Now It’s Getting Good!”:
    Sankaku loves to be reporting on controversy in the anime world. I’m pretty sure they pounced on this because it looked like it was going to nosedive based on the first episode and they could spend each episode laughing all the way to the page view counter. And then it turned out to actually not be terrible, but now they’re kind of committed.


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