Comment on Aya Hirano “Turned Herself Into A Vocaloid!?” by Rokudaime:

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Not going to listen to the song, since I don’t care, but: Dayumn, she looks smoking hot in picture 1 and 2, especially her hair! Is that how she used to look? Shit Aya, why would you ruin that!? :’(

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  • Euphoria Still Torturous & Degrading:
    I thought this wasn’t even supposed to air until next week (27.02)? Did its schedule change, or can Sankaku see into the future?

  • Top 10 Anime Characters – NewType, March 2015:
    More like you just have crap taste. There are several good characters on this list.

  • Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi! OVA “Still Quite Yuri!”:
    I hope Doki hurries up and subs this, so I can watch it! :P

  • Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic CM Surfaces:
    *watches videos* Dear god what an annoying voice that girl has (or rather, that she’s making. It’s pretty obvious it’s not how she would normally sound if she were speaking in her own natural tone/voice)….The show looks cute and all, but I’m not sure I would be able to endure that voice if I were to watch this.

  • Top 25 Most Hotly Anticipated Manga Endings:
    Shitty One Piece should have ended long ago. And no, I’m not just hating on it because I like Naruto and Bleach (though Bleach really should have ended with Aizen being defeated as well). I don’t have a problem with long series, and I’ve never understood why fans of different long-running manga series often have some kind of weird rivalries going on. It’s dumb and pointless. No, I just think One Piece is really awful is all, and I just can’t understand why it’s so popular. The story isn’t the …


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