Comment on Aya Hirano “Turned Herself Into A Vocaloid!?” by Anonymous:

Western-Style Comment: She’s reinvented herself for her new album.

Japan-Style Comment: OMG, that slut has destroyed our expectations for her again! Die bitch die!

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  • Top 20 Most Enviable Harem Masters:
    How about Amakawa Yuuto from Omamori Himari? I’d envy that harem master, hands down.

  • Top 20 Most Enviable Harem Masters:
    Well he’s probably the only one who gets 12 episode worth of soft hentai, when most would only get two, or four episode at best. He makes use of that screen time to the fullest. And siscon all the way too.

  • Top 20 Most Enviable Harem Masters:
    Negima isn’t a harem manga, that’s why. It’s an action manga disguised as a fanservice manga because Akamatsu’s publisher wouldn’t let him do a straight fighting manga.

  • Top 20 Most Enviable Harem Masters:
    Keitaro doesn’t get beat up nearly as much as people think he does. It’s just what people tend to remember about Love Hina because all the girls are walking stereotypes. He does get toyed with and emotionally taken advantage of, but that’s a product of his own gullibility and stupidity.

  • Top 20 Most Enviable Harem Masters:
    You can’t beat the crap out of them because they’re not real.


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