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The are dying out from anime, along with lolis.
Blame femnazis.

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  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    No, you don’t do someone like her even for one night. You just…don’t.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    Also, Ms proxy abuser landwhale, get a life. People say this is ugly because it’s grotesque, unhealthy, unnatural and in fact without doubt, ugly.

  • Hitomi is Your Bride: “Biggest in the Business!?”:
    No need to get upset, disgusting is disgusting. End of story. It doesn’t even necessarily have anything to do with just the size, though obviously, it has come to be this sagged and disgusting because of how massive it is. The fact that you need to call sensible people boy loving or LGBT just shows how fucked your sexuality is if you are a guy, or how defensive you are about cancerous fat breasts, since that’s the only thing even lazy fat women with some money can have. This is just tasteless. …

  • Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia Truly Traumatizing:
    They can’t even show panties of lolis but SHOTA RAPE IS FINE TO BE ANIMATED? Fuck double standards and anime. This is ridiculous.

  • Nanoha Vivid Magical Bathing Anime:
    That’s not very good either in that aspect, even if it’s not completely ruined like ViVid, but it still toned the fanservice down pretty hard. Bloomers looking like diapers and all instead of the tight hot bloomers in the manga. At least they kiss was good.


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