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Yukino has one hell of a body.

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  • 13,000 Petition Netflix on Death Note “Whitewashing”:
    Those white fanboys don’t own the IP. The Japanese writer, illustrator, and the publisher owns the IP, and they signed off on the project. Their thoughts are the only ones that matter. Everyone else kicking up a stink about it are just children throwing a tantrum and trying to bully the creators into giving into their racist fanboy demands.

  • 13,000 Petition Netflix on Death Note “Whitewashing”:
    If non whites want to make films they can do as they please. When white people make films for white audiences they’re going to use white actors. That’s all these sjw’s are good for: Whining about anything the white man does.

  • 13,000 Petition Netflix on Death Note “Whitewashing”:
    That weirded me out. Everyone else is westernized, why the fuck would you keep Watari of all people Asian?

  • SutoBura 2 OVA Bathes & Gropes:
    If you want to see some genitals better you watch a Hentai even with a mosaic censorship you still can see the private part

  • Highschool of the Dead Co-Creator Daisuke Sato Passes On:
    Surprised they didnt just have 2 different endings then. I prefered Saeko personally… like in Kiss of the Dead. Maybe the anime could have had one and the manga the other. C’mon, no reason for sibling rivalry over something like that…


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