Comment on Fairy Tail Fans Outraged at Naked Submission to Censorship by Anonymous:

Fairy Tail anime has always been way tamer than the manga, even to the point of “censoring” some outfits considered too risqué and changing the desing competely (see EdoLucy), so there’s no complaining about that now.
Even so, without dogeza humillation the scene in fact looks too bland. Maybe some dogeza while still dressed and face kicking or some other for of heavy bulling should have done the trick instead…

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  • Top 10 Love Live! Karaoke Songs:
    Talk about double standards, this is a list of songs that supposedly cater to the tastes of Karaoke singers but it didn’t state of which country. Very generic of people to assume that everything should be made for western fans, if I don’t like any songs featured on the billboard chart then it is sh*t list?

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    Dammit! Cannot unsee!!!

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    So it’s a tv drama but 2 hours long? So will it be multiple episodes or is this actually a feature movie that’s just called tv drama?? I’m confused coz and I don’t want them to rush the story coz then the feels won’t be as strong!

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    I hope the actress who plays Meiko is just as good as the original.

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    and lose the main attraction of the whole story? no…..


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