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Fairy Tail anime has always been way tamer than the manga, even to the point of “censoring” some outfits considered too risqué and changing the desing competely (see EdoLucy), so there’s no complaining about that now.
Even so, without dogeza humillation the scene in fact looks too bland. Maybe some dogeza while still dressed and face kicking or some other for of heavy bulling should have done the trick instead…

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    A similar “brothel” was opened in Barcelona, but the prostitutes union in there made the business get forced out of their original place because “The sex-affection of a person can not be provided by a doll. They are different and compatible services. They do not communicate.” In other words 3DPD was BTFO

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    Naturally popular anime shows get the top rankings. Typical Japan.

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    The pound has been falling for several decades now kid. It wasn’t that long ago that £1 was worth $2, it was great for importing anime and videogames a decade ago.

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    You do realise the lists are based on the gender of who voted… not who’s fighting

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