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But Richard Dawkins said sex abuse of children is not so bad. I guess you belong to his church, my little atheist pedophile. ;-)

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  • Monmusu! Reverse R*pe Academy “A Monster Girl Paradise!”:
    welcome to the new sexist world that is feminism and SJW. i heard there’s supposed to be lots of snow, but i haven’t seen any snow. but there’s lots of talk about snowflakes

  • Man Busted for Killing Girlfriend in Shibari BDSM 3P:
    Mothers at age 13 in an era and society when few live past 33 years is not remotely creepy. All wants are not equal. Out of all the things listed that “some people like” the riskiest and only stupid one is liking to be tied up. Bdsm is innately irresponsible for being an act that people chose that would need so many safeguards! It also is about someone feeling more powerful than they are and not really about sex and sensuality.

  • Pure Maiden Homura & Madoka Figures:

  • Man Busted for Killing Girlfriend in Shibari BDSM 3P:
    The real dumbasses are the deadgirl, comagirl, and murdererguy. Deadgirl would not be dead if she did as her parents had likely raised her to do. They are in classic grief and do not want a shameful stigma to their daughter’s final moments in life. Duh! and are classic in a feeling of need to blame someone. Naturally the 42 year old that should have known better than even the 20 somethings should have. Smart people don’t let others tie them up. Once a fire happened and a dominant cowardly ran …

  • Man Busted for Killing Girlfriend in Shibari BDSM 3P:
    The male was the one with most responsibility as a so-called “master” of the females. His actions led to a death and near death. His punishment should be harsh. Besides, how can you or anyone ever be “sure” that someone feels extremely guilty when you have not met them and in fact are not them? Are you the first actual psychic? Your opinion is not logical and hence not valid. It is likely that the majority that agree with a light punishment are simply those of you that know you could be in …


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