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Actually Civilized people go to zoos to look at animals and have a good time, not to maliciously attack animals that cannot fight back.

Not to mention zoos in America would take a mugshot of you then kick your ass out of there and ban you from ever coming back. Also you would probably get arrested by the police and and charged with animal cruelty.

American Zoos take the treatment of the animals very seriously.

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    anon 14:11 Unfortunately you cannot take SankakuComplex as a good example of the average American. This site tends to attract a certain crowd. There are a few people on here that display a great deal of insight but for the most part you can’t really take most of what is posted as serious. Hell, even the articles are rigged to piss people off. I come to the site to read about China’s constant mishaps and to read the entertaining posts of the sites members.

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