Comment on Chinese Stone “Fake” Crocs & Snowball Lions by Anonymous:

You are racist against the Chinese, brainwashed by Artefag.

China has over 1 billion people as opposed to Taiwan, of course not everyone would behave according to western standard, some are probably uneducated.

But of course, typing this is useless as you are too brainwashed to take this in, just like the 10+ people who thumbed you up, and will thumb me down.

If you think hating on others and stereotyping ONE BILLION people based on a few reports on a weeaboo blog, you need to wake the fuck up to the real world.

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  • KonoSuba 2 Luxuriously Comical:
    And feminist side of SC..strike again.. Sexy, beautiful and enjoying an MC .. Maybe if she was lesbian, it would please you :P

  • KonoSuba 2 Luxuriously Comical:
    Not true at all. The girls are the best “magic items” in the world, and indestructible shield, a weapon of mass destruction and the best support possible. Sadly, they are “cursed items” so only a harcore gamer can use them effectively. In fact, he’s basically doing a speedrun for the quest to end the demon lord, by volume 10 of the novels there are only 2 bosses mantaining the barrier and one of them is Wiz, so he’s basically doing what the rest of “chosen ones” couldn’t do for decades in less …

  • Chaos;Child Murders Relentlessly:
    whoose eyes are thoose? also some1 is having a bad red eye infection here kuku.

  • KonoSuba 2 Luxuriously Comical:
    Maybe she never got them back they were stolen back in S1?

  • Prisma Illya 3rei BD Incredibly Moist:
    The Church was doing it until some so called do-gooders whined about things.


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