Comment on Chinese Stone “Fake” Crocs & Snowball Lions by Anonymous:

You are racist against the Chinese, brainwashed by Artefag.

China has over 1 billion people as opposed to Taiwan, of course not everyone would behave according to western standard, some are probably uneducated.

But of course, typing this is useless as you are too brainwashed to take this in, just like the 10+ people who thumbed you up, and will thumb me down.

If you think hating on others and stereotyping ONE BILLION people based on a few reports on a weeaboo blog, you need to wake the fuck up to the real world.

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    I bet sex with this loser would just end up with him asking 1 million anatomy questions in the first person. Every response would end with a “wow, really”.

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    Osaka women are the best, I want one to push me down and grind her foot in my chest.

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    One of the main reasons things like books, software, and DVDs cost more in Australia than overseas is something called ‘parallel import restrictions’,” claims Mark. “These rules stop someone buying the product cheaply – but legitimately – overseas and importing it themselves to sell locally at a higher price, but still less than what current suppliers charge. Australia is the worst place to make money, but great for living and Opera!

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