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Um… No..

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  • Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places:
    Chicks just happened to land more sex appeal than the male sex. If society deemed men more visually enchanting they’d inherit the role of a promiscuous mistress. However popular belief states and has convinced fragile minds that girls are somehow segregated from the idea of even being human and just by doing the human thing and playing by life’s rules. My closing statements are all people are catty whores that sell out for attention, nor is anyone up for persecution. We don’t make statements to …

  • Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places:
    *funny thing is most of these anime girls otakus love aren’t even otakus but in fact are an imitation of women with non-otaku personalities. The only difference with anime girls is they have super powers…so why is this debate even taking place? I doubt anyone would interrogate Kuroi Mato or Hatsune Miku to find out if she’s a legitimate otaku. Otakus like anime because the artists have captured the positive traits in real people, and have effectively expressed an admiration of these …

  • Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places:
    Stereotypes…stereotypes. Humanity is humanity. Just like guys girls conform to the media and the roles they think they fit in. It is like stating tiny infants are born with an intention to be some evil genius when humanity fails to understand that everything is learned.There are man whores but no one really pays attention to them. It’s all about the boobs and soft features, and if it wasn’t, guys would be in the hot seat. A human being alone by itself is genetically flawed. No, not a flaw.. …

  • Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places:
    Nice read, I have only one comment “Judgemental pricks like the guys on here” Welcome to Sancom, 90% of people here are pricks.

  • Otaku Girls Expose Their Most Depraved Places:
    Taylor I never once said you ‘can’t get girls’ and I have contributed more to he conversation than you, who has a superiority complex the size of the sun and whose ego alone could probably provide power for some third world villages for a good year or so ago. My argument with you is that you are judging all women in existence by the handful you have dated, despite only dating a very specific kind of woman. It would be like me judging all men from my experience with male republicans, or surfer …

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    Well yeah, it’s true that a toned midriff is one of the universally accepted indications of someone being fit and/or having a sexy body. That’s not quite the whole story. Navel fetishism is indeed a real fetish, and it’s different than just “wow, that’s a sexy body.” It’s like, being so incredibly turned on by tummies that all you think about is wanting to lick it / kiss it / cum on it / eat food off of it / whatever floats your goat, or that a tummy is even more exciting to you than the …

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    Get out.

  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    I know and love every single one of those songs. This is one of the few “lists” I’ve seen posted here that I actually agree with.

  • Train Cop Stroker Busted:
    Girl knows how to fight back. Molesters you have been warned.

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    except that isnt what this is about. the only man power that was lost were zoo employees, not rescue workers. the reason this dude got arrested is because japan has a stick up its ass and wanted to save face. no one bothered to fact check and find out that the guy just posted screenshots from a movie. if someone tweeted footage of the white house blowing up from independence day and claimed terrorists attacked, i can tell you this much for sure. america wouldnt lose their shit the way japanese …


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