Comment on Disgaea D2 Gets Fem Laharl – “Who Needs Etna Anyway!” by MuChaDo:

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Game looks nice.

I’m 3/4 of the way through Heisig and I hardly knew any of those bastard kanji :(

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    Have all of these girls got mobile backends, or just the one in pic 57?

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    Best anime comedy ever.

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    Those legs go all the way up.

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    I saw Ghost in the Shell, Roujin Z, Akira, Perfect Blue and various Ghibli movies long before I knew anime series even existed, so those didn’t really ‘get me into’ anime beyond the fact that I’m naturally into nerdy things anyway. Back then I had the impression that all anime was all full of philosophical mumbo-jumbo and bizarrely incoherent plotlines. The first complete anime series I saw was Hikaru no Go, which got me into the game of go, which I play(ed) on the KGS server, where anime was …

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    That was one of my first series too. I still have a quiet chuckle about it from time to time.


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