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Why do they bother even showing the scenes of Flonne swaying the Dark Assembly? Everyone knows demons can’t win against THE POWER OF LOVE!

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  • Disgaea D2 Gets Fem Laharl – “Who Needs Etna Anyway!”:
    Next we’ll hear the Disgaea team is taking tips from Super Smash Brothers Brawl and deciding to include ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE as potentially recruitable special characters? Solid Snake? CQC insta-kills, and superior cardboard box defenses! A full size Gundam, only for it to be picked up by Laharlette and used like a hammer to drive your enemies into the ground like a stake! Let us not forget, of course, the Netherworld invasion of a continent full of Panda-people…

  • Disgaea D2 Gets Fem Laharl – “Who Needs Etna Anyway!”:
    Somehow, the glasses wearing gargoyle in pic #28 seems like he’d should the ultra-cool guy among all of them. Like a badass older sensei with a snarky undertone. Perhaps puns being involved. Either that, or he should be an expy of a Rastafarian-ized Snoop Dogg. :3 “What? You wanna take over all the Netherworlds? That sounds like a lot of fuss, bro. You should just be chill, know what I mean?” And that, just like a lethargic Flonne, would be just the type to get under Laharl’s skin. :3

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