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gashapon’s not exactly terrible. That shit’s about 400 yen a turn for a reason (I should know, I played with a couple myself). Given, these figures tend to cost about 20 times that amount, but still, it’s immensely better than the cheap, plastic rings we have in the states.

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  • Top 10 Light Novel Characters of 2015:
    Um… High School DxD IS a light novel. I don’t see a problem with that that poster was suggesting (especially given that Issei is one of the best harem protagonists out there).

  • Top 10 Light Novel Characters of 2015:
    Aside from the recent Nagato Yuki spin-off getting an anime adaptation, the franchise just hasn’t been all that relevant in recent years. Hell, the latest installment of the light novel (which was itself the second half of one book broken into two parts) was released over three years ago.

  • Top 10 Light Novel Characters of 2015:
    Not seeing fucking Asuna dominate yet another list works for me. Shiba Tatsuya on the male list, though. No…. just no.

  • Top 10 Light Novels Franchises of 2015:
    This is my first time hearing of #5 and…. Jesus Christ, that title. I know light novels have a tendency to have overly long-winded titles, but this one seems particularly glaring because it’s literally three sentences. Three sentences which, by themselves, would’ve been fairly simply yet still perfectly suitable for a title as-is.

  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    Weren’t #2 and #3 totally after the main character’s cock? Hell, at one point, Eru was expecting to go into a mixed spring with Hotarou. And #15…. of all the Love Live girls, why Umi? Granted, in terms of sexual purity (hetero, anyway), I think pretty much everyone in that show would qualify. But in terms of a pure nature, isn’t she like the second most stern only after Eli? That doesn’t particularly scream “innocent” to me.


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