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*Deep gasp*

I wanna ride the traaiinnn!!!


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  • AKB48’s Minami Takahashi’s “Blatant Plagiarism” Exposed:
    I hope you realized that the pics she “Copied” were made after she drew them, it’s known as fan art.. And everyone loves to draw logos. I also noticed that just after the election, it’s been months now, and you’re still looking at everything bad now… Get a life and go look at something else, we get it already… It’s been months and you’re STILL looking at AKB48 like it’s Sonic 06.. Go listen to Skrillex or Occasia Strain and just stop watching AKB48, you hate it, why are you still watching …

  • “Who Should Rescue Atlus” Surprisingly Sensitive:
    How about Microsoft and Sony?? I have a New remodel Xbox360 W/ Kinect and a new model PS3 W/PS Eye ;)

  • Sora no Otoshimono Shocks Fans:
    I will upvote you! ;D I don’t think it’d be a good episode without her! *Hugs*

  • Sora no Otoshimono Shocks Fans:
    So fucking stupid, I can’t believe people actually make this stupid piece of shit.

    I think It still looks cute ;)


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