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“If you’re good at something, never do it for free!”

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  • Nisekoi Shafted:
    “I don’t even like what they did with Madoka Magica.” Consider they made Madoka, they didn’t really do anything with it since it was original created by them (Gen Urobuchi)

  • Ufotable’s Fate/stay night “Best Fate Yet!?”:
    That is just a short version of DEEN Fate/stay night first version, with the same clips as in the tv version with a few added clips, that isn’t big enough difference to count it as a second adoption. From that logic eve no jikan movie, would be considered a second adoption, just because of a few added scenes :-/

  • Nekomonogatari Kuro = “Sexiest Eromonogatari Yet!”:
    How can they sell out when both bake and nise is original, and Shaft are just following the novel. *sigh* People who talk like they are expert on monogatari anime, yet aren’t even aware it is an adoption, is a pain in the ass to listen to >.>

  • Outrage at Shiga Schoolboy Suicide Scandal:
    +1 “bullies will be bullies” this is pretty much standard wherever you go, but I could almost purge with how the school, police, and teachers dealt with the problem. They are grownup, and they need to take care of the children and take responsibility of steering them in the right direction. The kid got betrayed by the grownups there was suppose to be there for him, and since his parent hasn’t learned him to stand up for himself, he took the escape of dealing with it. The bullies will have to …

  • Busted For Returning Lost Wallet: “She Said She Was 19!”:
    Why didn’t he just return it himself, then he might have gotten a “reward” by the owner instead. Stupid is as stupid does


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