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It is just as likely to be a sequel then a prequel. Her body is completely cyborg after Season 1 of SAC (and possibly before then as well). She can have any body she pleases, pretty much, even male bodies if she preferred.

Also, maybe they will put more lesbian action in the new series. They hinted at it in the anime but it was very blatant in the Manga (I think there were other things too). Would love to see some action, i mean without it turning into a hentai.

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  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    What do you mean there not all bad? If your a female and believe your civil rights has been infringed dont become a “feminist” become a person who seeks equal civil rights and sets out to make sure that dosent happen again. If your a female and feel your not being treated as fairly as others in the work place dont become a “feminist” join a union and make sure that this dosent occur again use the law to your advantage but dont play victim and race for equality thats to broad. Im a male and if i …

  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    The stirrups are so they can check for “contraband” after each visit. And not assuring their “well being”.

  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    Not in Japan son.

  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    >highest prison population in the world that’s because >prison as an industry Seriously. It’s republican backed multi-billion dollar industry, where most of the inmates serving jail time are in for minor offenses like being caught carrying a few grams of marijuana. All of the rich can keep getting richer. And not so the “criminals” can be “reformed”.

  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    Ah, the ol’ ” we’re not all like that” excuse. You know this “few bad apples” argument might hold water if the “bad ones” were buried or otherwise put out of everyone’s else misery so that things like this don’t happen.


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