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It’s probably that mindset that has a huge part of the rest of the world dislike you. I’m not sure whether you know it but Japan seems to be one of the most backwater places with that “everyone else sucks” mindset … probably on par with your friendly neighbours, yeah Korea. get over it or give us back our tech that you got from the “white trash”.

Have fun in the Edo period (that is – no anime for you).

I seriously could type that comment under 99% of all the newsposts on this page >.<

On a totally different note she should've worn a simple black one or red one (and red lipstick). A white one wwith weird pattern in black is really no good in front of a white backdrop.

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  • Gyakusatsu Kikan Particularly Gruesome:
    Thank you for showing us the difference between “educated” and “intelligent”.

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    The day I see DOA being represented by a flat chested lolilcon pandering character. That’s when I knew DOA is dead to me. I don’t care what Marie Rose fans think, to me she totally ruined the identity of the series. I liked as a fighting game, but I appreciate it was unabashed about having buxom females in the series. Marie Rose does not fit in and was the worse thing for DOA.

  • Talking Tachikoma’s “Personality Can Change”:
    Stick a fleshlight on this thing and have it talk technically to ya!

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    Well ain’t that extremely petty. You could just like, NOT use them. It must be rough being so thin skinned the mere existence of 2 characters makes you avoid something you previously had intentions of playing.

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    Weird how you seem to suggest a genre thats been doing consistently well for over 2 decades now and still getting more releases… actually even doing better now with the licensed properties buying into the genre… needs saving?


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