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It’s probably that mindset that has a huge part of the rest of the world dislike you. I’m not sure whether you know it but Japan seems to be one of the most backwater places with that “everyone else sucks” mindset … probably on par with your friendly neighbours, yeah Korea. get over it or give us back our tech that you got from the “white trash”.

Have fun in the Edo period (that is – no anime for you).

I seriously could type that comment under 99% of all the newsposts on this page >.<

On a totally different note she should've worn a simple black one or red one (and red lipstick). A white one wwith weird pattern in black is really no good in front of a white backdrop.

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  • Pokken Tournament: “Pokémon x Tekken!?”:
    At the end of the match with the victor barely hanging on by its last sliver of willpower, a passing 10-year old will catch it in a ball and then imprison it in a digital box for all eternity.

  • Top 30 Anime That Got You Into Anime:
    Robotech isn’t an anime, it’s a cartoon. You don’t call Fat Albert or Spiderman animes so why would you call Robotech, an American cartoon, an anime? Robotech is no more anime than Battle of the Planets. Macross and Gatchaman are animes but you can’t make an anime by simply stealing the art style from a japanese show then adding a shit american story. If it didn’t air in Japan, then it aint anime (this includes overseas dubs which are a blight on the industry and should be made illegal).

  • Pokken Tournament: “Pokémon x Tekken!?”:
    Hmm. didn’t know Lucario had any fur on it. What’s the point of it being part steel type?

  • Wake Up Girls Mend Their Ways:
    I think OC is a little confused… S1 was better than S2 when it comes to LL. Tho, LL is a series based mainly on anime and the girls, where WUG is based on the more realistic tribulations of them becoming idols. WUG did far better in depicting what they actually do to rise to being an idol than any other idol series…

  • Wake Up Girls Mend Their Ways:
    That applies to several other anime not just this one.


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