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what’ve is the dumbest made up word Ive ever heard

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  • Goddess of Twitter: “Torturous Teasing!”:
    Some people have this really weird fetish where they believe it’s a girl and make out and find out it’s a boy and feign shock but still keep going out of “curiosity”, because they are too afraid to label themselves bi and just be done with it because of the massive social stigma today of men sleeping with other men. That or they just likely girly men.

  • Top 15 Cinderella Girls:
    Wish whats his face would draw cute girls instead of dude

  • Top 15 Cinderella Girls:
    And understand a sarcastic joke…

  • Super Sexy Sonico Cosplay by Mana:
    before i obey command.. lets talk about job opportunities and closed doors

  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Teased:
    Did you even watch it…? And again for someone who hates men so much you sure do talk about them more than the girls.


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