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she looks like a skinny Ke$ha, somehow I meant it as a compliment.

anywho I’m done with Aya news, unless its news about her AV debut, her death or her comeback for a second season of Lucky Star

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  • Justin Bieber at Yasukuni: “It Just Looked Pretty, Honest!”:
    Why are they bitching about it? It is a pretty shrine. If they don’t want a shrine for criminals, then fucking tore it down. Out of all the dumb shit this dumb fucktard has done, and out of the few things he has apologized for, this one is the one where he didn’t do shit, and needn’t say sorry for. Also, that nigga is canadian, don’t lump him with the rest of our fucktards

  • Excessively Hot Love Saotome Shana Ero-Cosplay:
    The censoring makes no fucking sense. Anus is fine, and muff is pretty much all exposed save for a micron of panty fabric down the middle, and thats fine. But once she’s fully nopan ooooh noooo we better blurry her pussy!

  • Top 20 Anime To Represent The 2010s:
    An idiotic list to begin with, and then lacks nichijou, hanasaku iroha, another or high schoolof the dead. Total dildos Also tiger & bunny fucking sucks gigantic amounts of dick.

  • AKB48′s Erena Ono’s Touching Event “Sheer Prostitution”:
    I guess thats as intimate as any of those otaku has ever been with a woman, so I guess to them that counts as sex and by extention prostitution. Its funny how Japan has become nothing but beta virgins, and the only people fucking are old salarymen and teen/preteen girls. Incidentally, they fuck each other.

  • Crazed Seiyuu Otaku in Neptunia Rampage: “Bring Me Rie!”:
    This is why we can’t have nice things!


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