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wtf kind of devilry is this????!

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  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    Left side: Kenshiro Right side: Raoh Front: Koryu Front right: Juda Front left: Thouzer Back: Nico Shu Back right: Shin Back left: Ryuken

  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    4. Chihaya Kisaragi (The iDOLM@STER) might as well just sit next to a wall. because you know, she’s really quiet.

  • Japan Animator’s Expo’s ME!ME!ME! “Incomparably Sexy”:
    Meanwhile… A top notch scientist got excessively attacked by fucking ugly feminazi just for wearing a Hawaiian T-Shirt depicting some comic like bikini girls in an tv interview… Those ugly sluts must see some new Hentai OVA’s…

  • Amagi Brilliant Park “Crazier Than Ever”:
    I agree shes my fav I think its because she looks nice and is normal.

  • Amagi Brilliant Park “Crazier Than Ever”:
    people will hate anything the male MC does lol just because he is there a lot of the sad trolls online are full on yuri yuri loves and the idea of a male char no matter the char drives them insane. take the dragon cross one male main char has been in the opening from the start yet the level of hate just because he was male ie most didn’t even talk about him outside him needing removed for being male lol it is what it is any anime with a sizeable female cast will mean people will demand yuri …


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