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You mean… she wasn’t recognizable from 10 years ago?

A human being CHANGED over TIME!? WHAT THE FUCK!?


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  • Adult Video Impossible MAX Quite the Tease:
    Pretty much, yeah. Go see a sexologist, it means you’ve basically locked away your healthy human impulses out of fear because you don’t want to face reality. A good way to exercise yourself back onto real women is to find something you crave sexually and then locate an AV of it, and then watch it and spend some time getting into it. It’ll probably take a little time to get into it at your current state, so set aside time. If you can’t, find another one until you can, then use that to ‘exercise …

  • Disaster Report 4 Trailer Truly Disastrous:
    My only issue is this is the cleanest disaster I’ve ever seen. The lighting is so bland, a disaster is actually quite colorful and vibrant, which is why they are so fascinating to watch even though they make us face our mortality. This just feel like they built a world so it can be destroyed with base lighting and textures. I hope they push it a bit more, right now it’s on the cusp of being something good, but right now it’s just bland in terms of having a believable atmosphere.

  • Youkai Watch Censored: “Bikinis & Muscle Men Are Harmful!”:
    They’ll do this, but we’re told they can not edit lip flaps due to contract issues? Go climb a wall of dicks….

  • Valkyria of the Blue Revolution Officially Announced:
    No, no multi platform, just focus on one and make it good, like the good old days. Screw the war, screw the consoles, just make it fucking good… I’ll find a way to get and play it.

  • Valkyria of the Blue Revolution Officially Announced:
    I am admittedly getting annoyed at this feeling of ‘I have to get this again… otherwise it may not be continued’ But then again, I did buy it on Steam for that very reason, so… whatever. So yes, bring the motherfuckers over here already!


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