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I enjoyed AnoHana, but I will say this: any time I hear “noitaminA”, I think “pretentious, overhyped bullshit”. AnoHana was an exception (at least IMO), but nonetheless, it sickens me how people go on about these shows being the most intellectual of intellectual anime just because of what fucking block they aired on.

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    anon 09:16 Keep in mind, whether it was 100 or 1,000, she was repeating the same month for all of them. 12 months to a year, and that’s how you come to that number. anon 18:14 Well, Tomoyo does have her brother (and in the anime, outside the OVA, she seems completely indifferent towards Tomoya), but so fucking agreed on Kotomi. Best girl, and she didn’t even get a happy ending in an OVA like the others did (the anime may’ve covered her arc, but she still got nowhere with Tomoya despite clearly …

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    actually, I don’t believe most girls in his harem beat him much, if at all. I mean, he did fight with half of them initially, but they seem to have been on quite friendly terms afterwards. That said, I believe the majority of the physical pain he suffers comes solely from Index and her tendency to be a god damn, freeloading biter.

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    Lala and Momo aren’t the only ones. There’s also Run, just off the top of my head (and encounters with her are all the more good luck now that her problem of sneezing into Ren has been fixed up). Mikado-sensei might also count, but a character like her seems too refined and mature to end up in slapstick accidents much in the first place (and I forget if she actually has had such encounters at any point in the series, but it seems as if her reaction would be all too accepting if she did). And …

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    Rito’s in with some sisters as well, and he could rule the entire galaxy through them.

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    given, some people might just be ecstatic that “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” is FINALLY looking to get a release, whether or not they’re actually interested in it. Hell, even I’m a little happy that Squenix is getting this decade-long budget sink out of the way, even though I always found it to be a horrible idea to make Final Fantasy XIII into its own VII-like compilation (the Final Fantasy VII expansion being bad itself) when the first damn game had yet to even be released.


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