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I enjoyed AnoHana, but I will say this: any time I hear “noitaminA”, I think “pretentious, overhyped bullshit”. AnoHana was an exception (at least IMO), but nonetheless, it sickens me how people go on about these shows being the most intellectual of intellectual anime just because of what fucking block they aired on.

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    Oh… so you were talking about the English-titled LIFE then?

  • Top 10 To Love-Ru Girls You’d Marry:
    I’d be willing to say she’s kinda cute, but that’s it (and even that cuteness pales compared to most the other characters). I honestly don’t see what Rito saw in her… though, I guess it’s really just a case of author bias; her design was based off of Kentaro’s ex-wife, after all.

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    Hey, if we’re talking strictly monogamy, I’d certainly be willing to pick only Lala.

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    @yuriphoria Well, she is technically Yami’s mother, so she would qualify. Granted, by such logic, you could also say Misaka Mikoto’s a MILF. Either way, Tearju’s older than most the other characters, yet very hot for it. I’d probably put her as my second most bangable girl only after Lala.

  • Top 25 Most Traumatizing Manga:
    So wait, you’re saying that this is another series that shares the name “jinsei”? That would make a lot of sense considering THIS Jinsei isn’t traumatizing in the slightest (hell, even by the standards of other light novel-adapted moe series, it’s fairly devoid of anything really serious). But I tried looking up this “life” manga, didn’t really find a different title translated from 人生 (jinsei) so much as one that’s just called ライフ (raifu), as in the English word itself. Is there a more …


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