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@Taylor: At least “popular=good” can still be argued for the most part in regards to Akihabara’s sub-culture. Do you think the same can ever be said about American pop culture any more?

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  • Top 25 Anime You’re Wasting Your Life By Not Watching:
    I enjoyed AnoHana, but I will say this: any time I hear “noitaminA”, I think “pretentious, overhyped bullshit”. AnoHana was an exception (at least IMO), but nonetheless, it sickens me how people go on about these shows being the most intellectual of intellectual anime just because of what fucking block they aired on.

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  • Funimation GamerGate Quip “Inexcusable!”:
    No, that’s far from being true. For one thing, women specifically were never the target (there are several male SJWs who don’t exactly garner favor from GamerGate either; John McIntosh, Ben Kuchera, and Bob Chipman come to mind). Second, GamerGate never advocated death threats and doxing towards their opponents and the community as a whole is quick to condemn anyone who does it (in contrast, people of GamerGate have gotten death threats and doxes from high-standing figures of the other side; in …

  • Funimation GamerGate Quip “Inexcusable!”:
    If given the chance to speak to the general audience of white knights, I’d prefer to ask them WHY they’d wanna get laid by Zoe Quinn. If you’re gonna put your career and all of your credibility on the line for a member of the opposite sex, are you fucking serious about having it be some leftwing extremist with a pisspoor dye job, facial piercings, and a severe hatred of men? Seriously, THIS is the type of person you’d wanna shill out her non-game for, THIS is the type of person you’d cheat on …

  • Fans Revere Madoka Kaname’s Birthday:
    Is that an Ultimate Madoka figure in front of the Gates to Hell? Given the activity of 2channers, I’m guessing that’s a Japanese guy who traveled to Turkmenistan. Though, it is interesting to think that Madoka’s garnered a few fans over in that part of the world (at least one of whom would be hardcore enough to import such a freakishly expensive figure, no less).

  • Vocaloid Artist Samfree Passes On:
    Same, though honestly, I’m more accustomed to Nana Mitani’s cover than the Samfree original. Still, really sucks to see the guy behind it pass on. Always been one of my favorite Vocaloid songs.

  • Youkai Watch Opening Dub “More Faithful Than Feared!”:
    While I question all the whitewashing (here’s Nate, an average American kid in an average American town full of…. Japanese mythological spirits; granted, this is on Nintendo of America’s hand moreso than Disney), I can’t help complimenting them on the fact that they at least tried to keep the opening faithful to the original (and unless they pull a DiC SailorMoon on us, I can expect all the background music intact as well). Some people nowadays have no fucking clue how bad broadcast dubs were …


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