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Does not. At least not if you watched it in this century. Memories get kind of blurry with time, so don’t rewatch even the first episode if you treasure that particular memory.

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  • Pink Female Prison “To Reduce Inmate Oppression”:
    Pretty much everything was originally masculine. Except childcare. Remember when women weren’t allowed to earn money? Remember why? Because that way they can’t neglect the very, very important job of childcare.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    People asking about such things to not want to be gay. If they wanted to be gay they wouldn’t even need to ask. Hence the bad news.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Nude Mod Quite Sexy:
    U sure? I don’t think the average gamer is either gay or female.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    Will find out if it lives up to expectations once all the BDs are out. Watching anime in TV is just not worth my time.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    Not necessarily. Depends on the reasons you enjoy it. If you get a boner thinking about two guys in a romantic relationship I have some bad news for you…. Otherwise you are fine.


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