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The first (and only) episode of S2 was Great Science Fiction w/ the weight of stupid dumbassary that is S1 to finally drag it down.

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  • Otaku Can Now Ride the Girls of Chuunibyou:
    ~sigh~ ever since kyotard got corrupted by the tons of yennies outta k-0n & going down a road of artistic bankruptcy (endless eight abomination) w/ little specks of light (the amazingly entertaining HYOUKA), it doesn’t surprise myself that such a dismal mess that is this Nu success story for the company has come about to fatten further their bank accounts. Fuck~nuggets that I couldn’t get past more than the 1st few episodes before stopping & yet Nipponese suck it up like crack. k-0n …

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Battle Ecstacy Touchingly Sexy:
    Game looks kinda PsP’y but it will dominate the charts if the creators exploit ALL the functions of the Vita >the use of BOTH sides of the system for the WIN< to create even better shit! + Example: Rito is giving Momo a back rub & as you message, start working her Front (eYahh!)on the Vita!!! Think about the things to be done from there on end!!!

  • Hatsune Miku Race Queen 2013 Edition:
    If you look at the other two reports from ’11 & ’12 you’ll note that the bust line grows yearly~ If this continues; she’ll be loading out Double D’s by 2019!

  • Zelda Musou: “Nintendo Has Sunk To Rock Bottom!”:
    Well.. it’s good to see Link return to his origins. He was always LEFT handed till wii fucked him over~ Won’t buy it since I get tired quickly on these types of games of slash bash crash rinse/repeat formulas….

  • “What Have Square Enix Done To Lightning Now!?”:
    Sqeunix be bleedin’ yennies for years now w/ this game & like all women who still believe they can change their sweet misunderstood man while he beats them. The pandering to the lowest denominator will go on~


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