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Honestly only picked up the show after I saw this post..
Glad I did.

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  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    Anon@08:28 That is the most illogical thing I’ve read in quite a while. I shouldn’t have to buy another console, with the Japanese version of the game, and LEARN Japanese to get the original version that was intended for the game to be, before corporate fucks decided to censor it because “oh it might offend those fragile westerners”

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions DLC Tamer Than Ever:
    “Gameplay is the best currently” It’s good, but best? far from it, which doesn’t make up for what they did to it.

  • Ange Vierge Bathes Sensuously:
    So what this is suggesting, is that I should wait til BDs come out before attempting to watch.

  • Street Fighter V Cammy Nipple Censoring “Blasphemous!”:
    Because it’ll eventually end up censoring something that ISNT so damn insignificant. Speak up now about stuff you dont care about before they end up hitting stuff you do care about.

  • Street Fighter V Cammy Nipple Censoring “Blasphemous!”:
    It may seem silly, but its a matter of time before it start getting to the point where what they’re censoring ISNT silly to get upset over but it’s already to late because it would become normal procedure. I say speak up now over small stuff before it starts effecting stuff you actually care about.


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