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I didn’t really know what to expect from the anime but the first half of the show really brought me down, granted its a anime but besides the phychic part what happend to her does happen to real people. I fell in love with the series still.

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  • GungHo Stock Plunges: “The Social Bubble Finally Bursts!?”:
    That sucks, wonder if SquareEnix is still planning on focusing their sources on the “social gaming” experience and produce more games on the over crowded android and ipod market.

  • Sword Art Online Ending “Worst Ever”:
    I disliked the episode unlike many others who claim who did enjoy it. There were way to many plot/scenes holes in this episode and the series as a whole that it just felt way too rushed and not enough content of the people actually clearing the floors and character developments. In the end they tried to fit everything in the first 14 episodes which would honestly be anywhere from 25-50 episodes if the author and anime studios worked on more content and didnt rush.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Massacred By Censors:
    About time, If people really want to see nipples on animated characters just watch regular hentai instead of settling for those cheap panties shots that made up the 30% of the actual show and boob shoots that made up the other 50% and the last 20% be it the actual story.

  • Japan Bans Illegal Downloads & Ripping:
    This is stupid ’nuff said.

  • To Love-Ru Darkness Dark Loli Ero-Manga:
    Now I’m not trying to put down the manga but, I don’t really see whats the big deal with the level of ecchi there is in To Love-Ru, If the fans really want to see some naked manga characters they should just look at regular hentai and doujinshi instead of getting overly exicted over this which seems pathetic. Now on the other hand I do applaud at the authors cahones for trying to stretch the limit of whats deemed ‘appropriate’ and ‘safe’ to publish publicly with the laws that restricted loli …


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