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That’s true. But I love her for her fire. Also, if you do embarass her (unless you’re a certain someone), you’re going to *pay*.

She’s a great tsundere… probably #2 in my book after the unapproachable Rin Tohsaka. :P

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  • Misaka Mikoto Giant Bunny Girl Figure:
    First, Biri Biri would destroy the factory where those things were produced, then she would light up anyone who had anything to do with designing them. Biri Biri isn’t some fainting maiden! She’s tough, determined, almost unstoppable, and that’s why we love her. :P

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  • “J**Z MISTRESS” Highly Scandalous:
    Yes, and I like it!

  • Top 10 Anime of 2014:
    My understanding is that, like with Attack on Titan, they’re waiting to get enough source material with which to make a new season. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Top 10 Anime of 2014:
    The world-building was HORRIBLE. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a story that was trying to be serious have such a jumbled, non-sensical backstory. You really do have to turn off your brain to enjoy any of it, IMO, and even that doesn’t always help.

  • Top 10 Selling Anime Blu-rays of 2014:
    That’s because it’s based on spending cash, not on idiotic polls.

  • American Anime Virgins: “Is Avatar Anime?”:
    It doesn’t really matter how Japan defines anime, because we’re not Japanese and we’re not using their definition; we’re using our (American) definition. By definition, anime is animation made in Japan. Avatar uses anime *styling* (as has been mentioned above) but it isn’t anime according to our usage of the word.


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