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Holding out for Uiharu and Saten!!

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  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    he was hidden to troll the has to be yuri and only yuri shit heads that oddly for being mostly men cant stand to see a male char getting a women when they cant hence if its a girl she bends to yuri its no big deal no man has a chance but to have any male char means they see the hopelessness of their lives and hence hate a shot because their mental image of cute girls no man has a chance with get crushed. I honestly stopped watch when she and tusk came back and suddenly her former friends are on …

  • Kantai Collection Raging Battle Climax:
    I’m glad I just checked a few posts online or a little bit of info without watching the series. That way I know it was just complete and utter shlock but that’s still harmless shlock (although I still think this anime adaptation shares many reasons why it seems to be crap much like Ragnarok the Animation). It’s also not a surprise it’s getting a sequel. I mean, everything can get a sequel, right? After all Action 52 had the Cheetahmen which definitely was a… masterpiece and it allowed it to …

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    I don’t know hitler was a real person and he was very easy to hate just saying massive assholes and psychopaths will always be easy to hate because they are in fact true to their real asshole evil selfs

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    I like it best part of this series is how often his face and her private place meet lol

  • Cross Ange Finale Bares All:
    yea but you would have been unhappy with any male char to many of you people aren’t happy unless its yuri all the time


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