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WOW GD xD PIC 1 is EPIC…… yoshi san is pure EPICNESS… i see where ur going yoshi san. i just jizzed my pants …… ~_^

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  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:
    Half-done panty shot of cat girl. Obvious to hide scary panties underneath from QQ West.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:
    thats not a mind flayer, its called a soul flayer any ffxi player knows this xD……. and a true ff player could care less if this is a wow killer or not…. ive been playing ff since the 80’s and even after the mmo release have never said or thought.. ” oh oh .. oh yeah …this is going to be a wow killer” =/ who cares. and if ffo goes f2p it will die, thats a fact…. you get what you pay for….

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:
    I’m betting questing will be like Wow classic lol.

  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:
    “Square Enix has been busily drumming up as much interest in the gaming media as money can buy.” Does Sankaku count as gaming media? They do tend to cover Final Fantasy games. :) Really, this all looks pretty mediocre. At least, not what I’d call “quite spectacular”. From the perspective of someone who didn’t play the original version, the screenshots don’t appear to show anything particularly new or interesting. Unless they’ve completely changed the gameplay mechanics, it will likely be just …

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  • Spice & Wolf Sequel Light Novel Announced:
    Why do people think the 52(or 26 or 13) Episode go to is any good? Aside from matching up with arbitrary “seasons” its a terrible way to adapt something. How about let it take up as many episodes as the story has whether longer or shorter.

  • Spice & Wolf Sequel Light Novel Announced:
    I think he is saying to end it at a part that feels better than Season 2. It ends unresolved, with them literally having in some shit. If they make a 3rd season they could theoretically end it on a more “And they continued on” kind of way.

  • Taiga Seifuku Cosplay Infinitely Charming:
    in her 20s. Asian looks are more deceiving when it comes to age unlike Westerners.

  • Shoujo Kara Shoujo e Raunchy & Retro:
    don’t know about his racist comment but obama (and abe and trudeau) is set to screw over americans, canadians and the japenese with the trans pacific partnership (tpp, not twitch plays pokemon or mgs5 the phantom pain). If it were in effect right now downloading shoujo kara shoujo e or any licensed media through any methods ISPs plan to track would net you heavy fines since tpp will make copyright infringement worse. It was been finalized nov 5th 2015, signed feb 4th 2016 and now the only hope …

  • Top 9 Anime of 2015, According to IGN:
    Lemme guess one of them is the fatass from ore monogatari?


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