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“Square Enix has been busily drumming up as much interest in the gaming media as money can buy.”

Does Sankaku count as gaming media? They do tend to cover Final Fantasy games. :)

Really, this all looks pretty mediocre. At least, not what I’d call “quite spectacular”. From the perspective of someone who didn’t play the original version, the screenshots don’t appear to show anything particularly new or interesting.

Unless they’ve completely changed the gameplay mechanics, it will likely be just another MMO grindfest. I have little doubt that it will be improved over what it was before, but I question whether it will manage to be anything more than ‘decent’. At a time when many other MMOs have gone to a free-to-play model, it might be hard to convince people to pay a monthly subscription fee for something that’s not any better than what they could be playing for free. The Final Fantasy name can only go so far.

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