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Play DOTA or League of Legends… i find myself having more fun playing it for free 30mins a day then 1hr+

Doing George Jetson crafting actions…

Crafting just fails…in this game…
Hands down… crafting shouldn’t be THIS repetitive.

-Game release everyones on THIER KNEES crafting.
trying to think about one thing…

not a game anymore… why those games ontop > FFXIV.

SKILL & TEAMWORK, without CASH Transations from players but from real TOURNAMENT SKILL WINNERS.

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    >you’ll never know what really happened to Megaload-01 >you’ll never hear more about the Super Army >you’ll never see more Meltlandi factions being Macross is suffering

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    ( . )( . )

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    ( . )( . )

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    ( . )( . )

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    well i don’t mind rape (90% of hentai is rape) but also can’t watch bdsm, gore, tentacle and the other shit :/ but my biggest problem is, i like especially anal, but not in a gangbang (don`t like gangbang, why should i share?) but sometimes it seems to me japanese don`t like it^^


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