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old graphics has a lot of bug. limited number of light and only one of it can cast dynamic shadow. The new one have overcome that limit and now i can feel the real power of FFXIV’s artist that build the world for you to messed around beautifully, while it takes lower spec of PC. if you’ve play both of it you will notice many improvement in graphics for sure.

while game play improved a lot. the new graphics can makes you fun even you just running around talking to NPC for some quest while discovering new part of land, LQ or grind some monster, farm for some material or discover new quest to bring you to other beautiful place or dungeon. the graphics always have some kicks to your eyes.

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  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Quite Spectacular:
    It’s always happens. just one monster looks so familiar is not that big deal if you compare to Blizzard. Who makes both well-know RTS game Warcraft and Starcraft series while all unit and faction and game play is based on Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. While Games Workshop have been sued Blizzard, WotC and GW never sue each other for their Elf, Orcs, goblin or even Necrons and Phyraxia looks so similar.

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    Tera is boring quest grind, Even B&S is no different. Non of korean MMO ever notice this and made the same pattern over and over. You choice class, start at the same point, go from quest to quest linearly for best EXP and free equipment, Hard boss? get a party, No surprise, no freedom, Game progress just take a quest > Kill some mob or beat some dungeon > send quest > level up > move to next place and repeat. FFXIV never get bored, start at different city for different …

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    Bravely Default confirm to have sequel every years.

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    3-4K polys is possible. In this era there’s existent of something called pixel shading and normal map.

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    You ask for it, They re-sell FF7 on pc without any changes while there’s already many moded graphics version of old FF7 PC released already, You can get one on Steam. While make new clean sharp and smooth HD sprites on FF6 and release on mobile, hint: it looks crap. Get that crap on iTune and Play Store. Look like it’s only X and X-2 that get better treat of HD remastered on Vita and PS3.

  • FF14 “Failed Because Our Flowerpots Were Too Beautiful”:
    XII is fun to play, And I don’t think using X gameplay will meets any modern RPG standard. While XIV is good and have a feel of effort and reward like story and character customization gear without any limitation. Compare to famous F2P like Vindictus or CN Blade and Soul where there’s not much to get if you not pay. Ugly free costume and restricted market is not fun at all.


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