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An anime dedicated to fan-service that shows BREASTS?

Is this the beginning of a new era?

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  • Amorous Angel Cosplay by NonSummerJack:
    i miss the idol galleries too

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    Honestly, anyone who doesn’t see shows like this as positivly progressive for everyone, is an idiot. That especially goes for us fans of oppai or moe anime.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    exactly, this is as much of a fujoshi show as fist of the north star would be if you took two of the muscley shirtless guys in them a tried shipping them in your minds

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    Then explain to me why Free archives at sites like Pixiv and are infested with crappy yaoishit works? I guess you can blame the fuckjoshit fandom for that.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    so you mean they can’t throw a ball straight? they do their own laundry? they’re kinda shy and awkward, which many people find to be cute and endearing traits? damn, i’m like that… >w< well, its possible for guys to be moe too, you know! don't you believe in gender equality or are you some kinda misandrist?


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