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Maybe that’s why I only heard of it, but no one ever told me to give any part of this franchise a try.

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  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    People asking about such things to not want to be gay. If they wanted to be gay they wouldn’t even need to ask. Hence the bad news.

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 Nude Mod Quite Sexy:
    U sure? I don’t think the average gamer is either gay or female.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    Will find out if it lives up to expectations once all the BDs are out. Watching anime in TV is just not worth my time.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    Not necessarily. Depends on the reasons you enjoy it. If you get a boner thinking about two guys in a romantic relationship I have some bad news for you…. Otherwise you are fine.

  • Love Stage Warming Up:
    As long as it looks like a girl it’s awwwright.


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