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Why do Jap girls got no ass?

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  • “Horny Bathhouse” For American Audiences Only:
    I agree on the whole America stereotype on fat women, but the only 1 thing I have against our country towards porn is that most well known actress fake themselves up by going under the knife. Bigger Boobs, Huge asses[Too many white girls have them] longer tongues, ect. Theres just not enough naturalism unless its borderline amateur porn

  • Miyagi Caves To Feminists:
    Bahahaha, exactly that. Although those feminists are only pseudo-feminists cuz the real ones know what it actually means. Gotta hand it to the guy, this video and the responses are brilliant.

  • Tenshi no 3P! Busty Beach Bonanza:
    That’s her own fault. Those fugly tanlines are absolutely insufferable.

  • Ufotable Sorry for “Drunk” Horse C**k Tweets:
    Yeah, when you are catering to fujoshi on a daily basis, you HAVE to rely on alcohol to survive. No sarcasm.

  • Ufotable Sorry for “Drunk” Horse C**k Tweets:
    Where have you been living lately? In the moon? Sadly saying stupid things on the internet has become a crime in most so called “civilized countries”


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