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Probably the author spent months wondering how to make monogatari more absurd possible and after days without sleep did this anime.

You could say that would be a FPS in format anime, even if it has a symbolism in history has just annulled by exaggerated action and ero scenes.
In my case I will keep watching to see how far the author goes and ero scenes too :)

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    That Red guy looks the coolest out of them all, but I wish the anime just had the adorable girls only. Wouldn’t you all hate it if Kantai Collection anime was ruined by the Admiral being the center of attention? I’m glad they just add him a shadow behind a desk lol.

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    *sees cute girls* INSTANT PI- *sees useless generic digsuting yaoi/fuckjoshit-baiting prick pigs* INSTANT FUCKING DROPPED. SHIT ANIME. He just mad. Noo its normal I Hate MC commentary..

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    kashima should be coolest. who don’t want a girl that you can smack a brofist at?

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    Are Revy and Rock ever going to get it on?

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    You sounds very mad


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