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I see what you did there. *Slow Clap*

Guess 2ch find racism and hating just easier than actually defending something. Human nature at it’s finest really. Easier to hate and blame….

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  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    Fuck your idols I want to see some new GODDAM VFs! Shoji Kawamori is love Shoji Kawamori is life

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    I’m sorry but this isn’t about the genre as a whole. I’ve been watching it for a long time now thanks for wondering. This is about this series’ mecha design flaw, something which is common in every mecha anime but really you don’t question how lazy it was with them so exposed in the bike form and look how the girl popped out so easily after getting knocked out. Or rather seems so intentional to show more fan service. Also nobody has ever questioned how they have too much skin exposed when they …

  • Tsukimonogatari Anime Due:

  • Samurai Hormone Historically Hot:
    It’s not hard to find hentai without any of the listed, even if they are the majority. Vanilla, Yuri, Reverse-Rape/Femdom (girl raping guy), Harem, Futa and Monster Girl are just a few that will work, and there’s plenty out there. I’d say these genre of hentai make up the other 10%. I’m also not opposed to getting a hentai that might have something that turns me off so long as it has a few scenes I find to be okay. It’s easy to skip a scene I find unappealing.

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    No! Slutty Sherryl is better. And she has boobs too.


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