Comment on Cops Cancel Touhou Event Over Terrorism Threats by Wilhem:

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Let me guess, the politicians/police couldn’t cancel these events before so now they are sending/making up fake threat letters to cancel these events without raising too much suspicions…

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    If only they could release Fate/EXTRA CCC alongside this one it would be great.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions Bursting With Character:
    Boycotting a niche game isn’t going to make them reflect on their stance on censorship. The very fact that they did not bother having english dubs (God I would have hate to have a english dub only title alongside the censorship, it would have been a deal breaker) proves that they are not expecting to make big sales on this game and with a boycott they’ll sell even less than what they expected and will only deduce that this kind of game has no market in the West and won’t even bother releasing …

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions Bursting With Character:
    I will. Sure I don’t approve of censorship but the game look fun enough to buy and I fail to understand all the hate some people seem to have toward this game (censorship excepted).

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    Who cares what the color of his skin was seriously…

  • US Navy Banned From Drinking in Japan:
    To be honest it is not as if Japanese people never drive drunk or never do the same crap some of those US soldiers do it stick out because they are foreigners but they aren’t any worse that Japaneses doing the same crap.


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