Comment on Cops Cancel Touhou Event Over Terrorism Threats by Wilhem:

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Let me guess, the politicians/police couldn’t cancel these events before so now they are sending/making up fake threat letters to cancel these events without raising too much suspicions…

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  • Shimoseka Pushed to The Limit:
    With the theme of this anime I think the censorship is quite appropriate and kind of add to the comedy.

  • Shimoseka Pushed to The Limit:
    That’s what happens when you’re sexualy frustrated and don’t have anything to “un-frustrate” yourself ;).

  • Shimoseka Pushed to The Limit:
    Just censorship since she is making a sign that means having sex.

  • Overlord Lording It Up:
    Isn’t the Virtual Reality MMORPG part of this game only 5 min long and only during the 1st episode? Because right now it is more of a sent to another world type of setting.

  • Land of No Night Trailer Pretty Dark:
    They did the Ar tonelico games and the Ciel no Surge and Ar no Surge too so yes they do other games than Atelier but not that often ^^.


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