Comment on Cops Cancel Touhou Event Over Terrorism Threats by Wilhem:

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Let me guess, the politicians/police couldn’t cancel these events before so now they are sending/making up fake threat letters to cancel these events without raising too much suspicions…

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    The problem isn’t so much “Western Culture” but how people in power give too much attentions to a very small minority of loud mouths that keep twisting reality to make themselves appear as bigger than they really are… Just watch one of these online “feminist” internet channels then check what they present as facts and you’ll quickly see that most of what they say are downright lies and the rest is so twisted to make their point that it most of the time is closer to a lie than the truth… …

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    No thanks… Not really on part with some of the figure out there and I’m being really polite….

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    It does sound similar to be honest…

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    With the theme of this anime I think the censorship is quite appropriate and kind of add to the comedy.

  • Shimoseka Pushed to The Limit:
    That’s what happens when you’re sexualy frustrated and don’t have anything to “un-frustrate” yourself ;).


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