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  • Public Penis Riding “The Shame of Japan”:
    On that note, while we still see conservative comments of that nature today, the younger generations seem to be drifting away from the idea that being an “individual” is such a bad thing, and that’s also partially because older generations have been pushing THEM away for expressing themselves. At least, from my experience here. Certain prejudices still carry on through time, but most of them have been disappearing. Now it’s just a matter of who they put in charge.

  • Madoka Magica Rebellion BD Brings the Magic Home:
    There weren’t many EXTREME frame changes like there have been in the past, but I most definitely have noticed some HUGE differences between the theater run and the BD version. The end scene before the credits has an unidentifiable object floating in the sky, which adds a strange abstract quality to it. There’s now painting on the walls of an ending screenshot. There are tints in some scenes, new patterns added to attack visuals, changes in some of the runes (to correct their German), and even …

  • Ayase “Love Key Ring” Truly Captivating:
    Well, his worries aren’t totally unfounded. After all, men can’t become magical girls and change the world behind the scenes…

  • 40% of Young Japanese: “Marriage Is Worthless!”:
    I have observed the human population for a long time and have come to the conclusion that it isn’t marriage that is the problem. It is that both spouses enter the relationship with no real idea about who each other are as humans and unless they make a mutual agreement to grow and work out issues together, progress is unlikely. Children early in the marriage is also an instigator for stress, yet many humans have children without much of a second thought. Population growth is important, but all …

  • Nomura: “Final Fantasy XV is an Action Game”:
    I mean no actual insult to what the game will be, as I have high hopes for it and I have respect for Nomura, but… Nomura has admitted his own sexism when working on the KH franchise after he mentioned that he didn’t think girls were suited for main roles. I believe Aqua’s role in BBS was a (great) counter to his statement, but that doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind on what he thinks of female characters. We may (as hinted) see Kairi play a main role in KHIII, too. So who knows what he’s …


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