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cut the crap, i still can’t emulate Skies of Arcadia Legends which oroginally came for fucking GameCube waaaaay back. And my rig is pretty fucking decent, runs BF3 on medium

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  • PS3 Outsells Xbox 360:
    Gee, just scrap those discs already. Stop paying publishers. Publishers are evil, they don’t fucking care about games, all they want is money. It doesn’t take much to promote a game this days and put it up for downloads

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  • Futabu Mix: Futanari World “Non-Stop Futanari Action!”:
    Most guys are not gonna agree with me, but I believe that if you enjoy futa, you have at least a tiny little bit of gay in you. You probably wouldn’t mind to let this dick near you if you were to encounter such a girl in RL (a real futa from fantasy world, not trans-gender men). You’d probably even suck it. Gay.

  • Sankaku Complex Banned in France: “Anime = Child Porn!”:
    Ok, this is DRAWN child pornography.

  • Sankaku Complex Banned in France: “Anime = Child Porn!”:
    Oh, oh, take a look at this one Or this one: They are totally just underdeveloped 18 year olds with small breast right?

  • Sankaku Complex Banned in France: “Anime = Child Porn!”:
    To be completely fair, SanCom Channel DOES conatin drawn pictures of child pornography. Want an example? Let’s see how you talk your way around this one: But, even though I understand why it was banned, I still think this is wrong, and such content should be allowed.

  • Shenmue III Kickstarter Funded in One Day:
    >> “and leaving open the question of why it needed a Kickstarter in the first place” ^^^ This. They tell us they don’t want to risk. What fucking risk? Are they insane? Shenmue 3 is practically 100% bound for success. $3 millions in 24 hours!!! That was so fucking obvious the game was DESIRED. It just tells how little publishers know about actual gamers and their wishes. Making all the shit insted of really relevant games and then wondering why it sells so poorly. What a retards, they …


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