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anon above Queems blade and senran has alot of plot more than code gease and death note

if ya really wanna get what we meant pls scroll down

down some more

Plot means BEWBS YOU innocent virgin realist so go die and back story is as you get it an ASSwome view of some ASSwome butt cheeks enclosed by tight and some how sexy pantsu/boxers/spats/bloomers tights

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    Let’s not get cheeky, since you seem to be well aware of my exaggeration–unless it went over your head, of course, then I can honestly say that you shouldn’t respond in the first place if you can’t catch the meaning of my words. Regardless, dumping a race-change feature into a MMO Anime is covering tracks, very obvious ones when taking into account both the tone transition and overall dip in target audience viewership: Very amateur, almost as if they aren’t making enough money clinging to the …

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    That would imply cat-astrophic causality rates were she to go supernova. Are you willing to take responsibility?

  • Samurai Hormone Historically Hot:
    Sometimes I hate being picky with my Hentai. I can’t stand any gangbang (multiple guys), rape, BDSM, Blood/Gore, Tentacle, Scat etc. It either turns me off or I find it outright revolting. As such it severely limits my hentai choices. I’ll see some really great hentai with fantastic art and incredibly hot girls but 9 times out of 10 it will have one of those features that just turns me off :|

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    Hack//, Log Horizon >>>>>>>>>> any useless season of SAO.

  • Samurai Hormone Historically Hot:
    Seeing this hentai…..sleeping at 2 minutes.


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