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I would love it if she turned out to be a lesbian and then he just got totally female NTR- but he clearly accidently made the dad think he will marry her. It was entertaining, but frankly I wish Animes do relationships as in girlfriend, rather then just pissing around in a harem. Have him in a relationship, it end and how that changes his relationship. Then have him cycle through them, until he settles on one or just have some form of sexual encounter instead of a asexual portrayal of relationships. maybe turn it into something that can help people deal with their own romances.

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  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    You can avoid picking them but you cant completely erase their existence or avoid seeing them. Theyre not just characters I dislike they’re characters I wish didn’t exist. I don’t care for Atelier characters but not so much as to avoid a game just cuz they’re in them, I just wouldn’t pick them. I’m ideologically opposed to Marie Rose even existing. I don’t even want to own a game she’s in. DOA5 Ultimate is the last doa i’ll ever buy. That’s great that nothing ever bothers you this much but some …

  • Top 10 Strongest Anime Swordsmen:
    So Zoro is on the list but not Mihawk, the swordsman Zoro is trying to surpass and the strongest in One Piece? Okay.

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    because you’re a lolicon? how about picking it up again because it has the best gameplay in the series so far?

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    why are you saying that the anon being emotional or upset must made him female or a guy who wears panties? this is a very competive world for our hard earned and scarce dollars… you better believe it’ll take one little fuck up to make me want to take my money elsewhere. principles and integrity may also have something to do with it. If my favorite ecchi anime decides to suddenly make rape jokes you better believe i’ll stop watching. But its gonna suck if any of my beloved franchises suddenly …

  • Musou Stars Enlists Dead or Alive Maidens:
    wow, you almost literally spoke my mind… DOA was one of the last bastions of sexy Japanese media that was loli or moe free… it was just sexy women… im not going as far as doa being dead to me though, ill still play but these two new dull girl characters make me cringe every time and ive lost a lot of respect for team ninja…it really is all about business to them now, itagaki’s rebelliousness is one of the things i miss about him being in charge.


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